Love Love Love Dr. Reddy! I first met Dr. Reddy and her team after I purchased a Groupon for Botox. She explained during the consultation that I should consider more Botox specifically above my eyes. Due to aging my eyes had gradually changed in size (smaller) Dr. Reddy showed me where the muscle was and it’s function and why Botox would be beneficial. I was hesitant, because I had never been advised in such way, usually it’s just for the “worry” line or wrinkles. I am so happy I followed Dr. Reddy’s advice!!!!! What a difference! Since I have gotten the Botox (she used another brand, I don’t recall the name), my eyes have changed – they look like they did years ago! Open and not as tired. I can apply my eyeliner & mascara without any problems. My whole face looks different, because of my eyes… I look like my old self without looking frozen! So glad I listened to Dr. Reddy! I will be back for more, we discussed threads 🙂

Side Note, I read a review about the office being in a bad neighborhood? The office is in Westchase, which is one of the best neighborhoods in Tampa. The office is clean, spacious and very nicely decorated. I highly recommend Dr. Reddy and her Staff!