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At M.D. Aesthetics & Wellness Institute, we specialize in enhancing natural beauty and promoting overall wellness of our Tampa patients. Learn all you need to know about facial fillers: Explore their purpose in rejuvenation, their benefits, and how our medical team ensures personalized and effective treatments for you.


Facial fillers, also known as dermal fillers or injectable fillers, play an important role in facial rejuvenation. They can address various concerns, including smoothing wrinkles, restoring volume, and achieving a more youthful appearance. M.D. Aesthetics & Wellness Institute employs advanced techniques to deliver exceptional results.


There are numerous benefits you can enjoy from facial fillers. Here are the main benefits:

  1. Stimulate Collagen and Elastic Production – This stimulation is the primary reason for effective skin rejuvenation.
  2. Minimal Risks – Facial fillers have fewer risks compared to surgical rejuvenation procedures.
  3. Volume Restoration – They can restore lost volume and bring back the fullness of the facial area.
  4. Easy Treatment Process – Treatments are simple and comfortable. Sit back, relax, and let our specialists take care of you.
  5. Short Recovery – Facial fillers have minimal downtime. You can go for a session at lunch and get back to work right after.
  6. Almost Immediate Results – Results such as wrinkle reduction may start to show a few hours to a few days after your filler treatment.
  7. Long-Lasting Results – Results can last a long time with maintenance and proper skincare.
  8. Natural-Looking Results – The treatment does not cause drastic changes.


Dermal fillers treat various regions on your face, giving you several opportunities to enhance any part or all parts. Such areas treated with fillers include:

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Marionette lines
  • Cheeks
  • Lips
  • Under-eye hollows


At M.D. Aesthetics & Wellness Institute, we understand the importance of a personalized filler treatment to match each patient’s distinctive facial features and aesthetic aspirations. Our commitment to individualized approach ensures you receive results that align seamlessly with your aesthetic goals.


You can book an appointment at M.D. Aesthetics & Wellness Institute. During this process, we will listen to your aesthetic goals and concerns. A skin examination will help us assess your situation and determine the most suitable treatment. We will present a personalized plan and address your questions.


Facial filler treatments usually last between 15 – 30 minutes. We will discuss filler procedure details during the consultation so you will learn what to expect from the treatment session. The treatment will start by cleansing the target area before injecting the chosen dermal filler.


Depending on the chosen facial filler and treatment plan, results can last six to twelve (6-12) months. The patient may require several sessions to achieve long-lasting results. Combining proper skincare routine and maintenance treatments can increase filler longevity.


At M.D. Aesthetics & Wellness Institute in Tampa, we commit to deliver exceptional aesthetic enhancements through our medical team. Book an appointment today to start working on a more youthful and revitalized you.

Reddy Anitha, M.D.

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